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Are you fed up of paying extortionate fees to lettings agents? Then welcome to R-haus!

Are you cheesed off with your landlord not doing repairs? Then welcome to R-haus!

Have you had enough of agents who take your money but don't give a decent service? Then welcome to R-haus!

Your home is important. It's the place where you live your life. And you want it to be as hassle-free as possible.

So R-haus aims to be different. We offer you a secure home at a fair price, with no un-necessary fees, no hidden extras, and a great service when you rent from us. What could be simpler than that?



R-haus owns homes for rent in the north-west of England, although we aim to expand our portfolio.



We rent to all kinds of people, couples, singles, families. Have a look on Rightmove for R-haus homes to rent.



Why rent with R-haus? Because simply, we aim to be a better landlord and to offer a good deal at a fair price.

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