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What is R-haus?

R-haus is a new organisation based in Bolton, which has been set up to buy and rent homes across the north of England and beyond, to people who are looking for a good quality home for rent at a fair price. 


Who are we?

Welcome to our friendly and helpful team - small but beautifully formed! Diane is our Property Manager and will normally be your first port of call when you are looking for a home and if you have any problems during your tenancy. You can contact Diane at Dominic is our Managing Director and he oversees acquisitions and development.


Our Board

As a wholly owned subsidiary of Bolton at Home, a large housing association based in Bolton, we are governed by a small Board of Directors who make sure that we deliver our Business Plan targets in a way that is consistent with our values, aims and vision as a Company.


We're open for business!

We are always looking for portfolios of good quality residential property for acquisition. It doesn't matter if it's tenanted or vacant. If you have anything which might be of interest to us, contact Sarah, our Property Consultant at

Why Us?

We will develop a growing and profitable portfolio of rented accommodation, provide an excellent service to our customers, and be the landlord of choice for private renters in our areas of operation.

To do this we will: 

1. Deliver the best returns we can for our shareholder

2. Provide high-quality, fair and ethical services for customers and clients, so we develop a reputation for integrity and excellence

3. Grow and develop our products and service in a sustainable and achievable way

We have a set of values that we live by:

Integrity  –  we will be open, honest and transparent in our dealings with customers, partners and each other. We take personal responsibility and we do what we say we will. If anything goes wrong we will admit to our mistakes and put things right.

One Team  –  we are one team united by our vision and aims, and we will treat each other with respect regardless of status. We act professionally and together we celebrate our success and learn from our mistakes. We will value and respect each other’s diversity as well as that of our customers and partners.

Courage - We challenge convention, ourselves and each other. We have the strength and determination to initiate and innovate, make things happen and to carry them through.

Drive  –  We are relentless in our pursuit of success. We define success by the achievement of our vision and aims. We approach our work with energy, passion and persistence.

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