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Complaints Policy

1. Purpose

We aim to make sure you are fully satisfied with our services and we always try to ensure we get it right first time and deliver the promises we make. We know that sometimes things do go wrong and in these cases we ask you to let us know and give us the opportunity to put things right. If you are still dissatisfied then you can make a complaint to us. You can also contact us with suggestions on how we can do things better or compliments if you think we have done something well!

If you make a complaint to us we will investigate it promptly and carry out our investigations openly and transparently. We will work hard to put things right, say we are sorry where we have got it wrong and learn from our mistakes, where appropriate.

2. What is a complaint?

You can make a complaint to R-haus if:

  • You think we have done something badly or wrong
  • You think we have not done something that we said we would do
  • You think we have failed to provide a service to the agreed standard
  • You think we have treated them unfairly or discourteously

A complaint could also be about a person or organisation acting on behalf of R-haus. For example, it could be about one of our partners or contractors, who R-haus pays to provide services for its customers.

The following are not complaints but will be classed as service requests:

  • When you ask us for information or make a general enquiry, for example asking about how we will deal with something.
  • When you make an initial request to us for a service.
  • When you ask us to provide further information about a decision we have made.
  • When you disagree with a policy or a decision made in line with Policy. 

Who can complain?

  •  Anyone affected by R-haus services can make a complaint.
  • We also accept complaints made by other people on your behalf however, you must give us written consent to discuss your complaint and personal information with the other person. 

How can you complain?

  • By email to
  • By post to R-haus, 98 Waters Meeting Road, The Valley, Bolton, BL1 8SW.

If you need assistance to use our complaints service we will do everything we reasonably can to help you.

3. How we will deal with your complaint

We will deal with all complaints promptly, including carrying out a thorough investigation and giving you a clear and full response. If we have done something wrong we will apologise and, where possible, put things right.

We will deal with complaints through our complaints process, which has two stages:

  • Stage One - investigation by the manager responsible for the service. If you are not happy with the response you receive at this stage, you can continue to Stage Two.
  • Stage Two - review of Stage One response by the Managing Director or Chair of the Board if the complaint relates to the Managing Director. 

When we receive your complaint, we will send you an acknowledgement letter within five working days (excluding bank holidays) with a reference number to confirm what the complaint is and when you can expect a response.

Finally, we will give you a written response to your complaint within fourteen calendar days (excluding bank holidays) of us receiving it, explaining what we do to put things right if we have found we have done something wrong. If we need more time to investigate the complaint and cannot reply within 14 days, we will contact you to explain why.

4. Complaints about staff

If you complaint to us about a member of staff, due to the requirements of the Data Protection Act (1988), we will be unable to give full details of any investigation to you because this will contain personal information about a staff member. We will confirm when our investigation has been concluded and, if appropriate, we will confirm in writing what actions we propose to take in relation to your personal circumstances. 

5. Data Protection

Any person has the right to ask for copies of personal information that R-haus holds about them under Section 7 of the Data Protection Act 1998. Information could include your personal data recorded in your complaint or your personal data held on your file.

If you would like to see such information you will need to make an application by completing a Subject Access form and returning it to us. Contact us at for further information.

You will need to include a £10 access fee with your form and two copies of official identification documentation. We will respond to applications to see personal information within 40 calendar days.

6. Compliments and Suggestions

We are always happy to receive compliments and suggestions from you. If we have done something well we would love to hear from you! Any suggestions will also be considered by us and we'll give you feedback on whether your suggestion can be used.

You can send us compliments or suggestions in the same way that you can complain to us. Complaints, compliments and suggestions are some of the key ways that you tell us what you think of our services. We use this feedback to learn what we are doing well and what isn't working so we can improve what we do.

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